Where Do Startup People In Estonia Come From? - Martin Sokk - Medium

I was curious to learn more about the background of startup people in Estonia and decided to google around a bit. I focused only on the top startups and their employees who claim to work in Estonia. Companies included: TransferWise, Pipedrive, Taxify, ZeroTurnaround, Starship Technologies, Testlio, Scoro, Monese, Jobbatical, Funderbeam and Lingvist.

Local Foreigners: The Secret Key to Unlocking Your Product in International Markets

Some start-ups in Estonia have discovered that if you want to have an international business, you need to have an international workforce! They have even found a way to have this on their home turf. Why do we need an international workforce anyway?

You need to future-proof your workforce now! - Martin Sokk - Medium

We are failing with our workforce. Technology is killing jobs left and right, and yet it often feels like there's no one to hire. When we talk about the future, we like to think only about the advancements in tech, but in reality, we should be thinking more about how technology forces us to cope with the ever-changing nature of jobs and the workforce.

We are missing about 400 people in Estonian Startups

Two years ago I took a peek into the people needs of Estonian startups and found that startups are looking to add more than 200 people into their ranks. Compared to 2 years ago the need for new people has almost doubled from 200 to 375. Top3 people seekers are same - TransferWise, Taxify and Pipedrive.

How To Hire A Stellar Product Manager For Your Startup

Hiring first product people to your startup can be a daunting job. You have built your baby startup from scratch and now you need to hand over the important parts of your business to someone new. How do you know they are the right person? Can you trust them with decisions?

We are missing 200+ people in Estonian Startups - Martin Sokk - Medium

I love startup scene - that restless environment, fabulous people and strong focus on mission. Really exciting place to be... but somehow we still have 200+ open job position. What's up with that? When I asked around, I got 2 answers: "Startups are for programmers" - no they are not.

You are the reason why communication is broken - TransferWise Ideas - Medium

Every organisation faces some level of communication issues. These problems are especially evident if your organisation is spread across the globe. It's a major issue, as poor communication is the leading factor behind unnecessary tension and slow execution speed on business matters.

Dream, master the Detail & Demonstrate. - The Global Future of Work - Medium

Interviewing has become a daily occurrence for me and as with everything, your style evolves over time. When I first started interviewing, I was looking for difficult skills that applicants had mastered, or specific knowhow that could be valuable, but I've recently paid less attention to identifying these traditional characteristics in the interviewees.