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Teaching Business Technology Team Lead

If you see yourself as a change-maker and are passionate about data impact on business, education and society, then here is a challenge for you – be part of building data analytics, data science and machine learning team at EBS in close cooperation with leading firms in this area.

What is expected from you and the team:
  • Forming and leading an interdisciplinary team for creating training and degree programs in data analytics, data science and machine learning, both for companies and students, using most efficient tools, methods and techniques suitable for that purpose. Note that a 4-month teacher’s and course designer’s training will be provided by EBS.
  • Engaging and preparing students for real-life problem solving in areas of data analytics, data science and machine learning for friendly corporate clients as well as for other organizations. Creating revenues from such activities.
  • Contributing to interdisciplinary research and development teams and/or creating and delivering consulting and research work for external clients.
Join EBS if:
  • you have at least 5 years of professional experience with the tools and techniques of data analytics and/or data science and machine learning;
  • you have experience in statistical programming languages like R or Python and experience in data mining, analysis and visualization using programming languages or relevant software;
  • you also have experience in cloud computing (e.g. managing Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure);
  • you are creative in how you approach and tackle challenges;
  • you can easily visualize and communicate data for making data-driven decisions;
  • you are an adaptable self-starter;
  • you are natural people person, confident facilitator and communicator who feels comfortable in front of both small and large audiences;
  • you like teaching and learning and are eligible to work in EU.
  • Master’s degree is a must, PhD or ongoing PhD studies will be an advantage.

EBS is privately owned business university with campuses in Tallinn and Helsinki. 1400 students from more than 20 countries. 5000 in alumni community and diverse network of 60 partner-universities. EBS’s mission is to help its students to achieve their life and career goals by developing relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and professional networks in an efficient and positive manner.

Sound like the job for you?

Send a brief story (or CV) of yourself on e-mail by 17 th of January 2020 and we’ll invite you over to discuss the topic in more detail.

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