Meet Dashbird

We're a small group of developers from Estonia. Passionate about all things Serverless, we want to make functions better for everybody.

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Taavi Rehemägi
Founder & CEO
Mikk Kirstein
Founder & CTO
Annika Helendi
Founder & CMO


We are looking for 8 people to fulfill these positions

Now a bit more in their own words.

Taavi, the CEO is sheding some more light into what Dashbird is and how it works.

What is the problem you are solving?

Dashbird is an observability platform for serverless. Serverless architectures are made up of large amounts of small units of compute artifacts, each with its own task. This introduces a new problem in backend applications where the sheer volume of data makes it difficult to spot failures, inefficiencies and to debug code.

Describe your solution

Dashbird collects data from all different parts in serverless applications and extracts meaningful insights from it. Among other things we visualize resource usage, alert failures, show traces and do cross-platform log analytics.

Describe your target market?

Serverless has gained a lot of momentum because of its cost efficiency, scalability and quick go to market potential. This makes it very attractive to companies of every scale and at the moment the majority of high-tech companies are using serverless in either development or production. We consider all of these as our potential customers.

Why are you different from the competitors?

Serverless is still in its early days and so is the tooling around it. We are inventing a solution for this specific problem and are trailblazing.

Who’s in your team?

We’re currently a team of four people. Between the three founders we have worked in Toggl, Teamweek, Testlio and Starship Technologies. Mikk and Taavi both have close to 10 years of development experience while Annika is one of the best growth people in Estonia. We’re building a remote company and the first hire is from Bosnia Herzegovina - a kickass developer and writer named Adnan.

How your business is doing?

We launched our service in August 2017 and have been growing about 30-50% in revenue every month and have established ourselves as one of the leading platforms in our segment. In April we closed a seed round from one of the best VCs in the world.

What are the goals for the near future?

If you ask what the biggest problem in serverless development is at the moment, 9 out of 10 developers say it’s monitoring/debugging. We aim to solve that problem in the next two years and push the whole serverless movement forward.

What are you looking in your candidates?

Dashbird is really ambitions and is competing in global competition - this means we need absolute superstars. We are actively seeking out the smartest and hard-working people we can find. We need at least 4-5 full-stack developers by September.

What do you offer to people who are joining?

It’s rare to come across a startup with existing product market fit, growing user base and grand ambitions this early on. If our spaceship takes off, the early employees will definitely have the ride of their lives. On top of that we offer competitive salary, stock options, remote work and the opportunity to travel.

Engineers want to know, what is in your stack?

Node.js, MongoDB, Lambda, ECS.

Can you describe your recruitment process?

Team is the most important thing for us, so we ask our prospective hires to go through a test week. This enables the candidate to understand what they’re getting themselves into as well as us.

Where can I learn more about Dashbird?

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